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beauty will save the world
20 entries back

Date:2005-06-27 02:28
Subject:cc: the mid-atlantic literary rescue league
Mood:tired as fuck!

itb isn't a place; it's a state of mind!Collapse )

so i just spent the last few minutes (more like portions of hours) nerding out, downloading widgets for tiger (yeah, the shit i got for free). i'm a dork, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

blue ridge was good. thank you for everyone with a kind word to say, a smile, a hug, anything like that. it really helped. for everyone that was there, thank you. to all that wanted to make it, but couldn't. thank you too. this week was for you. not me, and not anyone else.

oh, shipwreck embarks tomorrow. expect the debut cd-ep/seven inch soon (probably when i'm back in providence). in preparation for tomorrow, i'm going to sleep. my clear sky clock states that my peak hours of darkness are right now, which'll aid in some good sleeping. so g'night

p.s.- my birthday is tomorrow (june 28th). if i haven't heard from you in a while, pop your head around the corner and say hi. then find your rock and crawl back under it. and if you've been sleeping longer than that, go back to sleep.

EDIT: i want a pack of ernie ball hybrid slinky strings for my birthday

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Date:2005-06-11 15:20
Subject:good thing apocalypso never took off

so i've been job hunting. it's stagnant. i've been hanging out a lot. been playing in a new band with zach/scott/ben from the radio silence and mike of level five charm spell. the stuff sounds really amazing (like godspeed!, kayo dot, múm-ish type stuff with poppy tendancies and the likliehood that i will start noodling and lose my place in a song)

i've also been relearning and rehashing out oh, shipwreck songs for the ep that mckenna and i will be recording in july with sam at mobile sky studios, and will PROBABLY see a champlin hall release (because i don't know if we can/will get someone else to pick it up)

blue ridge is in 6 days. as of tuesday/wednesday, i am MIA until the following friday, then it is hang out/play music with mckenna time until about august something-ith.

p.s.- show(s) at the posidome sunday and monday. come and hang out.

quartermaster!, debut cd-ep attrition DUE OUT JULY/AUGUST 05!

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Date:2005-05-31 03:33
Subject:details! details! details!
Mood:yeah kinda tired

the quartermaster! ep entitled attrition is nearing completion and will be seeing a july release through champlin hall media. here's a look at what the tracklisting (probably) looks like:

1. That's Only A Breeze
2. There Is Hope In These Walls
3. When I Push This Button, Everything You Hold Dear Will Die
4. A Murder of Crows (feat. Bryan Reed)
5. The King is Dead (feat. Bryan Reed)

sweet. get stoked. also, go check out the adonis battlefield/d'amore split from delian league records. that release is a fucking monster. please pick it up! xoxoxo

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Date:2005-05-29 04:05
Subject:good times (not the show!)
Mood:wisking myself off to bed

the days have been rad thus far

david, thanks for a place to crash last nite. i appreciate it.
(NOTE: come to raleigh and i WILL redeem myself in goldeneye, guaranteed.)

to all those i haven't seen yet, let me know what your schedules are like so we can bro-down. i get the distinct impression my car isn't going to make it through the summer with the stress i've put on it lately, so for all you out-of-towners, try to make it to raleigh por favor.

buena noche

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Date:2005-05-27 02:28
Subject:my mouth writes checks my body can't cash, and for that i am (notorious) sorry

i mean the title (NOTE: grammar has been pathetic all day. apologies). case and point tonite. retrospective foot in mouth even if no one else thought so. cryptic? yes. how much i care? too much.

greensboro in about 14 hrs.
but before that:

happy birthday lauren reece

because she fucking earned this one, just like every other. thank you for being an amazing friend and not giving up on me (a fuck-up)

race the sunCollapse )

christmas lights + stress + lack of sleep = shit. goodnight (what would i use for the opposite of an exclamation mark for those times when i'm just generally not excited? no punctuation at all? any mechanical/grammatical theories here?)

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Date:2005-05-25 13:02
Subject:summer air burning in my lungs
Mood:waking up!

this one (summer) is good so far. let's see if the pace will be constant.

p.s.- george clinton is the shit! mom did cool shit back in the day when she got this shit

EDIT: i also probably won't be out of the house until after 4, so if anyone wants to swing through for some law & order do it. door's open.

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Date:2005-05-22 00:43
Subject:a month out
Mood:tired // left coast style

my birthday is more than a month away, i know
and yes i know i "share it" with josh hofer
but! if anyone's feeling thoughtful, think of this
hopefully someone gives a shit! c'mon!

EDIT: if no one cares (which i anticipate they won't) i'll just buy it myself haha

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Date:2005-05-21 00:48
Mood:i am le tired

ok, remember when i expressed the need for a law & order partner? that has now become law & order and two guys, a girl, and a pizza place and sports night but i don't have my dvds with me, so i guess just the first two. who is down? i come home on monday. then it shall begin!

p.s.- california is sweet. my brother graduated. summer is good thus far

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Date:2005-05-18 05:48
Subject:good to be home
Mood:tired // so i'm sleeping

i'm home. call me to hang out, dudes
and yes i'm still awake
and i probably will sleep for about 4 more hrs
then wake up and go to a friend's place to sleep more

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Date:2005-05-16 13:31
Subject:semi-transcontinental movements
Mood:stoked, getting even more so!

only these things stand between me and home:

finding a summer home for a: fridge, a tv, and some other shit
9 am religious studies exam tomorrow morning
shipping 3 boxes home to north carolina today
twenty-seven hours from now, i'll be on a plane
and my summer will have begun.

i'll be seeing you all very soon. congratulations to graduates, congrats to people finishing the year. have fun, be safe if i don't see you

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Date:2005-05-15 00:30

ok, so i'm 6/10 of the way done on that HI42 paper (BOMB!)
packing right now and running into questions:

what dvds, cds should i bring home?

sports night, lost in translation, wes anderson movies, braid dvd, lockstock, supertroopers, virgin suicides.

should i even bring cds if all my shits on my ipod?


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Date:2005-05-13 02:12
Subject:let it fall apart
Mood:tired // so i'm sleeping

not going to lie, in 4 and a half days, i'm going to be the happiest i've been in a long time. kind of sick of providence (right now at least). just ready to go home, spend time with friends i haven't seen in a while, spend time with family, do the things i've been working on and planning on getting done, being productive, being happy, stuff that i haven't been and would like to be now.

congratulations to all the friends of mine that are graduating school: mo, charlie, darin, et al
larger congratulations to my brother whose graduating from uc berkeley.
i'll be out in cali for his commencement on the 20. first time in california. i'm stoked
i'll be missing mliw/comeback kid at aces though. minor sacrifice.

ipods rock. so does sleep. so does finishing school.
taking care of one exam also rocks (PS111!)
but back to sleep rocking, yeah, i'm rocking it in a sec

gotta record the vespers for brls tomorrow and mail them out
gotta make mckenna's present and mail it out
gotta write more for my el65 paper and draft my hi42 paper
i'm a busy fuck. later (sleep. now. dope. out.)

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Date:2005-05-11 00:24
Subject:from here on
Mood:the tv

cigarettes + beer:some people::sunflower seeds + root beer:me
EDIT: law & order is the fucking shit. i need a girl that'll watch
law & order with me this summer. seriously! law & order partner!

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Date:2005-05-10 02:35
Subject:i hope we land on something soft

brodown with mo shafeek on friday (possible!)
in remembrance in haverhill, ma (almost certain)
out of providence in a week (fresh to death!)

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Date:2005-05-08 15:43
Subject:die young or live forever
Mood:i need to be working like woah

ok, two updates in one day. i suck. go figure, but this news makes me happy

official arrival in north carolina for the summerCollapse )

until then i have:
-ps111 exam (6 ids, 7 essays)
-rs72 exam (fucked if i know what's on it)
-el65 paper (7-10 pages on gatsby)
-hi42 paper (10-15 pages on why japan is a low crime nation)

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Date:2005-05-08 02:14
Subject:bitter and then some
Mood:kinda tired

damn right i am
ok not really

so lacrosse is done (fuck yeah)
i'm going to get my tattoos drawn up this week at art freek
thinking going to start with the dawn treader idea
glad i'm getting this done because it'll make me happy
despite the fact i have a THREE HR exam, complete with
i'm screwed, but at least i have a cool tattoo to look forward to

tomorrow getting work done on papers/studying for exams
NINE MORE DAYS TILL I AM HOME! then out to cali for ik's graduation
but then i'll REALLY be home after that. rad.

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Date:2005-05-06 01:49
Subject:spires and gargoyles
Mood:up in 5 1/2 hrs

dance! dance! funeral procressionCollapse )

recounting tales of love i've never lived, lonely? yeah.
but at least i'm writing again. go figure.
princeton tomorrow.
no more lacrosse until sept

i disagreed with wes eisold on this one

p.s.- enjoy the fucking fireworksCollapse )

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Date:2005-05-04 00:44
Subject:i drink like a champion
Mood:tired and ill feeling

top floor westminster st flats. raised hands, lowered heads. sidelined empties and bodies. i wish i sacrificed my pride to become the eagle claw can the shared your lips. new england carelessly shotgunning hearts to warm the bodies. "don't apologize, i understand." these headphones and pens that attempt to write you off (you do it much better, you know) but these lines only etch you in. "only i'm sorry you feel that way, i'm just old-fashioned"


prefuse 73 + battles tomorrow night in boston. done and done.


EDIT: the show was rad. battles was fucking ridiculous. imagine if the dudes from hella beatboxed and then proceeded to drop beats with rjd2 and rescue. yeah, like dancing in math class. prefuse knows how to rock shit. "busy signal" hit and i lost it. what a jam, o what a jam!

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Date:2005-04-28 13:38
Mood:yo, FUCK school. i need home

i think i'm going to get a voyage of the dawn treader (of c.s. lewis' series of novels, the chronicles of narnia) tattoo

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Date:2005-04-25 18:39
Subject:nah, i just bought this baby straight cash

i'm not going to fail anything after all
but i still have to do a shit ton of work
that's fine by me as long as i have no f's

EDIT: good seeing everyone this weekend.
to all those i missed (i.e.
gabby, lauren, chels, et al,
i'm sorry and i'll see you soon)

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