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rimbaud was right

"From my ancestors the Gauls I have pale blue eyes, a narrow brain, and awkwardness in competition. I think my clothes are as barbaric as theirs. But I don't butter my hair.

The Gauls were the most stupid hide-flayers and hay-burners of their time.

From them, I inherit : idolatry, and love of sacrelige ; - oh ! all sorts of vice, anger, lechery, - terrific stuff, lechery ; - lying, above all, and laziness." -Arthur Rimbaud

Rimbaud // wikipedia

In thinking of beauty, it has to be individual. One person's concept of beauty may not and most often will not coincide with someone else's. I have always enjoyed the section of the Rimbaud poem I chose to reconstruct using my camera phone. At first, the section offended me, because of my admiration for things that are beautiful, things that are pleasing to the eye, the heart, and other senses. But when I thought about it from a different angle, I came to understand that perhaps it doesn't condemn beauty itself, but a certain conception or convention of beauty. This naturally coincided with something else I'm extremely interested in: graffiti. Despite it's illicit nature, graffiti itself is a viable art form, a viable form of expression. The overlap is very clear between the subject of the poem and the nature of graffiti, which lent itself to the piece very handily.
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